A few small changes to the layout, colour schemes and lighting in a home can make your property a magnet for buyers.

Advice on selling your house

• Appearances count! A clean, recently decorated home will always score over a property that looks run down and in need of expensive refurbishment.

• Look out for and repair a dripping tap or the odd cracked tile. Little touches like these can make all the difference between sale and no–sale.

• While your house is on the market, it won’t hurt to call in a professional cleaning team on a weekly basis. Don’t forget to keep those windows sparkling, too.

• Go for neutral colours. Face the fact that once you put your home up for sale, it’s no longer your home. This means getting rid of all those things that reflect your personal tastes. What pleases you may be off–putting to potential buyers. So go for neutral shades that won’t offend anybody, and chuck out or store any personal, religious or political objects.

• De–clutter. It’s amazing the amount of stuff we accumulate over the years. But things that mean a lot to us may just be junk to others. Even worse, too much stuff takes up too much valuable space. Get rid, and instantly your home will look bigger, more organised and altogether more appealing.

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